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Welcome to Yankee Springs Township
 Tax receipts are available on our website under property database. Receipts are mailed only upon request.     The annual assessment notices are mailed in March.     The summer tax bills for 2022 were mailed at the end of June. If you did not receive yours, please call the office.   

Weather Station Link from Yankee Springs Fire Department


October 13, 2022 @ 11:00 AM

The purpose of this meeting is to appoint election inspectors for the 11/8/2022 General Election

Yankee Springs Township Hall
284 N Briggs Rd.
Middleville, MI 49333



Office Hours for Yankee Springs Township:
Monday: Thursday 9 AM to 3 PM
Friday: 9 AM to Noon


Please Call Fire Chief Jim Stoddard at 616-299-1306 for BURN PERMITS.



Gun Lake Improvement Board 2022 AMENDED Meeting Dates
6:30 p.m. Orangeville Township Hall, 7350 Lindsey Rd., Plainwell MI 49080
May 18, 2022
June 22, 2022
July 27, 2022
August 24, 2022
September 28, 2022
October 26, 2022


Please follow all rules/instructions at our recyling center.  Plastic bags, TV's and styrofoam are some of the many materials that are not accepted. Acceptable materials are listed on the bin. If the bin is full, please return at a later time with your materials. 

Do Not leave anything outside the bins for any reason as this is littering, not recycling.

Please do not put non-recyclable materials in the recycle bin. If the bin is contaminated, the recycling center may dump the entire bin which wastes everyones recycling efforts.  
The township spends ~$35,000 for recycling each year. 

The recycling bin is normaly emptied on Monday and Friday mornings
. The use of a second bin during the summer and holiday season may disrupt the normal schedule.

Thank you for your cooperation and for recycling!


   The Gun Lake Sewer and Water Authority now maintains an officially licensed, onsite water testing laboratory.  For further information, please go to "Links," Gun Lake Sewer and Water Authority," "Water Lab."


 PCI (Professional Code Inspections) in Hastings will be issuing all Zoning and Building permits for Yankee Springs Township. Their telephone number is 269-948-4088, and their address is 110 West Center Street, Hastings, MI  49058 .  Office Hours for PCI are 8 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.
All zoning forms are available on the Yankee Springs Township website under "Public Documents", "Planning and Zoning".   Please direct all questions to PCI.  Thank you for your cooperation. *********************************************************************************

For Your Convenience
We have a Papergator in our parking lot.  This Papergator takes Catalogs/Magazines/Newspapers
Office/school paper
Junk Mail
Shredded paper (in clear plastic bags)
To find out more about the hungry papergator, please go to their website:  www.papergatorrecycling.com

Thank you for feeding the Papergator.

Please direct any inquiries for
Paid On Call Firefighter - First Responder - Medics -
Employment for Yankee Springs Township
to: Deputy Fire Chief Dan Miller @269-779-2999
E-Mail Address:  datmiller@att.net

The  Household Hazardous Waste Collections for 2016 will be  at the Barry County  Fairgrounds  on May 
BARRY COUNTY TRANSIT is available county wide everyday! They travel to Delton, Hickory Corners, Orangeville, Middleville, Woodland, Gun Lake, Nashville, Dowling, Cloverdale and Freeport areas. You can ride the transit to go shopping, to a restaurant, a doctors appointment, dialysis, to pay a bill, to work or to visit a friend. They even pickup students within the Hastings City limits before and after school. Call 269-948-8098 for more information!

News and Events
  • Zoning Board of Appeals
    04-Oct-2022 6:00 PM
  • Zoning Board of Appeals
    11-Oct-2022 6:00 PM
  • Board of Trustees Meeting
    13-Oct-2022 6:00 PM
  • PC Meeting
    20-Oct-2022 7:00 PM